Hi, I’m Sarah! A wedding photographer and educator who truly believes that “giving a damn” can actually change how we show up in the world. Whether it’s capturing the love of my amazing couples or teaching a newbie wedding photographer how to impact our industry, I love serving with care & heart; it’s the center of my business. 

So, where did this all begin?

It might sound cliche, but it all began when I needed an art credit in high school. I picked up my dad’s old 35mm Olympus, and was instantly hooked. And while I honestly wasn’t that great in the early days, with some elbow grease, a few amazing teachers and 14 years of experience, we’ve arrived here—a whole wedding photography business that has since served 150+ couples and countless fellow photographers.

So if you don’t remember anything else, remember this—as your wedding photographer, I am here to gift you your intimate love stories in the form of photographs, while also providing wedding photographers the education need to “get legit”, “give a damn” and show up with heart.
Now, if you don’t mind chatting about true-crime, cats, wine or the latest Netflix binge, let’s go shoot. 

a pacific northwest based Seattle Wedding Photographer & Educator

I'm Sarah!

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