ABOUT sarah

Skipping over the part where I tell you the cliche story of when I picked up a camera, let's cut to the good stuff; I truly found a love for storytelling once I began documenting weddings. I find weddings these multifaceted microcosms of stories and relationships that continue to keep me fascinated. I consider myself a professional people watcher. 

My journey has taken me around the globe, allowing me to document stories in diverse and exquisite settings. Every wedding is a new adventure, a tapestry of moments that I am honored to weave into lasting memories. My work is a collaboration grounded in empathy and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every cherished memory is preserved with the artistry it deserves.


Create honest, timeless images

I love having a mix of 'hands-on' meets 'hands-off' for wedding days. There are always pieces that need a little more cat-wrangling and other moments that are sacred and should be left to their own unfold into their own intrinsic beauty without outside influence. My super power is being able to balance a wedding day while keeping everyone cool, calm and collected.

Let me show you how wedding photos will be the easiest part of your day.