So how did I get here? Well, when I needed an art credit in high school I grabbed my dad’s old 35mm Olympus and I was instantly hooked. I know, it sounds like a lot of other photographer stories, but frankly I'm cool with that. We all dive in at some point, better to start 'em young! 

I actually wasn't very good when I started (*shocker*), but with some elbow grease, some amazing teachers and 14 years later, we've arrived here. 

I freaking love what I do! Documenting important life moments, helping people get comfortable with the camera and being able to gift back their memories in photographs. So, if you don't mind chatting about true-crime, cats, wine or the latest Netflix binge, let's go shoot <3 

a pacific northwest based human photographing other humans at various stages of life.

I'm Sarah!

welcome franz!




During getting ready photos, all the bridesmaids had stepped out of the side room that the bride's gown was stored in. No one realized when they closed the door that it locked itself AND it locked the brides very large dog in with it. I jumped through the first story window (camera and all) to save the dress!

It'll all took place in connecticut

That one time I saved a wedding dress..



I was with my couple for sunset portraits and we went to "this cool barn on a hill" they knew about as locals. Turns out it was private property and we were most definitely trespassing. As we made a mad dash to leave...I realized my cell phone had dropped from my camera bag. I had to sneak back onto the property (well after the owners were aware of what we had done) like mission impossible and get my phone...We made it out alive. Lesson learned!

Out in the Boonies of wa state

That one time I trespassed on private property..



Picture this. We've been shooting all afternoon for a fall wedding with PERFECT weather. As we get closer to the ceremony, I notice the sun is getting super low. Like it's nearly dark. And no wedding is ever on time. No one thought to look at what time sunset was for an outdoor wedding...needless to say, I shot my first wedding in the dark. Luckily, it all worked out ;) 

Yes, the actual night time dark.

That one time I shot an outdoor wedding in the dark..



Picture this: a gorgeous summer wedding ceremony is concluding and as the guests enter cocktail hour, the videographer frantically tells me his camera cut out on the bride's entrance with her dad. &%$##$! Cooly and calmly I told him to get his gear ready. I went and snagged the bride and her father, told them I wanted to capture a super close up that I typically can't do during the ceremony and asked them to walk the aisle one more time. They gladly obliged. Videographer got the shot and they still don't know that's the shot in their wedding video. #teamwork

Sh*t happens. But that's why we have friends.

That one time I saved a wedding day video..



One season I had an influx of December weddings. This particular wedding was Dec 23rd and I kid you not, was 29 degrees outside. The bridesmaids wore spaghetti straps with thin shawls. It was so cold I had to stand by the outdoor fireplace for the majority of the wedding. Beyond thankful for telephoto lenses. 

I found out just how cold, cold could be

That one time I shot a wedding in sub freezing temperatures...

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