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With all the deadlines and client galleries (which are all in their final stages…SO excited to share those soon!), sometimes I just need a little creative recharge.

So! Back when I was in photography school, I had vowed I would never photograph people…HA! I was sold on being solely a product photographer. However, after taking a quarter of “Retail Photography” taught by Jim Garner, I began my journey to photographing people and their stories. Heather was one of the first models I ever worked with.  And man, I am so thankful our paths crossed. Not only is she a beautiful person, but she has such a beautiful soul. She is a true gem; a person I can truly call my friend.

We drove out to the Olympic coast yesterday for a stunning sunset at Ruby Beach. We talked about life as we trampled through rocks, logs and shivered in the wind. It’s nights like these that make me so thankful for this gift I was given, these people I get to meet, the places I get to go and the friendships I get to cherish along the way.

Here’s the lovely evening I spent with Heather, enjoy!

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