Why is it Important to Have Your Portrait Made?

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, it’s time we talk about portraits. I’ve recently made a big push to photograph people for the purpose of them having a beautiful portrait of themselves. Unrelated to their weddings or family pictures being taken. Why you might ask? Well, lets dive into why I 100% believe in having your portrait taken.

Firstly, as a person who exists in this world, you deserve to exist in photographs. When we look back at our family histories, typically we pull out the family albums. We dig through shoe boxes of negatives, old moving boxes tucked in the attic and sprawl them out on the floor to view. Photos bring back memories of important times in our lives. Babies first steps, high school graduation, marriage, family reunions…all the things. Without photos of people in your life, you would be unable to recollect all these moments you’ve cherished as the years on gone by.

In our society right now, we have this paradox that continues this unrelenting cycle of conditional self love. Society tells us to put on tons of make up, styles ourselves in the latest trends and make sure our iPhone is angled just right to hit that high cheek contour while making us look like a size 0 BUT make sure you do it all right otherwise that one girl on Instagram is going to get more likes than you. Yeah, right! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

With all this superficial experience toiling with our brains, we forget why it’s important to have these photos. It’s to celebrate our lives! Not our latest sunglasses we picked up at Nordstroms..but that can be fun too. Having your portrait made is about taking back the control and portraying yourself as YOU see fit. You design the shoot, what you wear and how you want to be seen. It is in your hands, not the world’s.

Each stage of our lives yields important moments, self growth and evolution as a person. The person you are now, is not that same person in your high school senior portraits. You have lived! It’s important to have that documented. When you pass on from this life, what will your family and friends have to cherish of you? Your photographs. Your videos. Your words written in cards. You are your own legacy and people will want to remember you. 

When I take portraits of people, I strip away all the artificial “Smile for the Camera” crap. This is about you and I getting to know each other and for me to be able to capture you as the person you are now. I work out of my home studio so that my clients feel comfortable and it remains an intimate experience. Nobody wants to be swallowed by big flashing lights in a huge studio space with people running around. I talk to my subjects, I listen to the way they tell stories and what is important in their lives. I take each photograph with care, ensuring I have a variety for them to chose from. I want you to see how beautiful you are and how the world gets to see you.

I put these beautiful portraits of my subjects into 8×10 white mats, ready for framing. Why? Because images of you deserve to be brought to life, not just live in the digital world. The folio box allows you to keep them safe until they are ready to be hung up on the walls, or given to loved ones. This box will live amongst your albums as a cherished keepsake for you and your loved ones to revisit and recall memories together.

Each season of your life will mark new changes in the person that you are. Those moments deserve to be photographed and celebrated. You deserve to be celebrated. Exist in photos for yourself and for the legacy you will leave behind.