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Discovery Park Wedding in Seattle | Leah & Dan



It’s rare that you get to photograph a wedding at Discovery Park in Seattle. It’s a city park that allows wedding permits but only a few at a time. Needless to say, I was so excited to photograph Leah and Dan’s wedding at a private residence within Discovery Park.

Something you’ll notice right off the bat is that all the images are in black & white. While sitting on a commercial photography set, Leah described to me how she and Dan love the feeling of B&W imagery. They thought it would be cool to have their wedding photographed that way. THIS is every film photographer’s dream. While I still shot it in a digital format with my FujiFilm X-T3, viewing a wedding through B&W eyes really brought my focus to the story and less to the surroundings. Composition, lighting, spacing, all other basics to good photographic story-telling were at the front of my mind.

With the Fujifilm cameras you can actually set you camera into a B&W film mode, which through the electronic viewfinder turns everything to B&W. Even better, the camera does not affect the RAW file, so I am free to edit in color if I so choose.

During Leah and Dan’s engagement, they found out they were expecting their first baby! Instead of postponing the wedding, Leah found a dress that would fit her 6-month belly and rocked it the whole day. She got ready with her closest girlfriends and incorporated feathers throughout the decor to showcase her connection to the Pacific Northwest, including in her bouquet. Dan was low-key, got dressed downstairs, and walked through the day with a sense of ease that only a man sure of his journey carries.

Leah and Dan’s wedding felt effortless, rooted in family and focused on what truly mattered. Seeing their community come together to take part in Leah and Dan’s crossover into a new chapter was heartening.

I hope you enjoy their images and feel a little of what I felt that day.

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