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Downtown Seattle Engagement Session | Andria & CJ



There are a few reasons why people love having a downtown Seattle engagement session. Firstly, we are the city known for its grunge. Yes, take it back to Nirvana, leather jackets and too much plaid. Shooting in downtown Seattle for an engagement session allows couples to capitalize on all the concrete jungle photo ops possible. 

A popular type of location is using rooftop parking garages. We tend to build them high in Seattle, so you can typically get a full view of the city…if you know which garage to go to. Using cement walls, parking lines, perhaps a staircase or two, you can get a pretty urban chic look to your downtown Seattle engagement session.

I’m so excited to share with you Andria & CJ’s downtown Seattle engagement session…we definitely fully embraced the parking garage location.

I have to also tell you how small the world is. Literally. Andria is sisters with this amazing producer in Seattle that I used to work with, so it was AMAZING getting connected. I swear, there is less than 6 degrees of separation in this town.

Andria is a badass who knows what she wants and can make it happen. CJ is this perfect gentleman who is clearly obsessed with Andria. I cannot wait to celebrate this couple this summer for the June wedding. It’s going to be one for the record books. I’ll just let you check out their chemistry in their photos…hubba hubba 😉 

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