Favorite Seattle Summer Wedding Venues

If you’ve ever been to the Pacific Northwest or if you currently reside here, it goes without saying that we have a reputation for being dreary and rainy. However! For those non-believers, summer season is insanely gorgeous around here and I want to share with you my favorite summer wedding venues in Seattle. Well…kind of near Seattle 😉

I will say, no matter your wedding season, you always need a rain plan. More on that later.

For now, lets dive into my favorite 5 summer wedding venues here in the Pacific Northwest.

Black Diamond Gardens

Black Diamond Gardens is located in (you guessed it!) Black Diamond, WA. It’s a stunning old nursery converted into a wedding venue. With luscious plant over hangs, a cute dock out to the pond and an amazing green house for your reception, this venue is the optimal space for a summer wedding. Even into the fall, if you can time it right, it is host to some of the prettiest fall colors I’ve seen.

The venue provides a super cute & cozy cabin for the girls to get ready in while the gentlemen have a super rad green trailer to put themselves together. By far, my favorite gem of this venue is the overgrown arch that leads to the reception space. Depending on which side you stand on, you either have this rustic, bare wood view or feeling like you’re stepping into the Secret Garden on the other.

Even if you have an overcast summer wedding, the colors of this venue will help keep summer vibes in all your photos. Check this venue out over at : Black Diamond Gardens.

The Corson Building

Having recently traveled to Italy, I can definitely advocate that The Corson Building is a bite of Italy planted right in the heart of Seattle. Incredible staff that provides lovely service and beyond amazing catering. This venue is perfect for your intimate wedding since it only seats 30-50 guests. With a custom tailored menu, hand written menu gards and the old rustic feel of Tuscany, you can be sure that The Corson Building is going to transport your guests to Italy, even if just for an evening.

Check out more about The Corson Building over at their website: The Corson Building 

Jardin Del Sol

Jardin Del Sol is a stunning garden venue located in Snohomish, WA. Set with an enclosed ceremony space with a manicured lawn and billowing curtains for brides and grooms to walk through, this venue is something out of a fairy tale. With a tented and paved reception area, your guests have easy, walkable paths and a place to cool off from the sun. Jardin Del Sol provides one of the prettiest getting ready rooms for the bride & bridesmaids. It’s a gorgeous white loft at the top of the barn with a vanity, lounge area and of course a stunning chanedelier to hang a dress from.

With everything on site, you have no need to usher your guests around to multiple locations. You can stay right there at Jardin Del Sol and be perfectly content. Check out all the things that Jardin Del Sol has to offer over at: Jardin Del Sol 

Jardin Del Sol Wedding Venue

Kiana Lodge

Kiana Lodge is located on the other side of the Puget Sound in the city of Poulsbo, WA. Set right on the water, this venue is a stunning place to host an outdoor ceremony and transition into their atrium style reception space. Without sacrificing any of the daylight or beauty of the grounds, the atrium allows your guests to feel sheltered and comfortable with the ability to step back out onto the patio for some fresh area.

For brides & grooms, this space is extremely versitile for your portrait sessions. Whether you’re cozing up behind the pond, walking on the shoreline or braving it to get atop their ginormous driftwood, you’re bound to get some amazing photos.

Remember when I said you always need a rain plan? Well, Kiana is the perfect venue as you can host both your ceremony and reception in the atrium space if there happens to be a sudden rain shower. Check out Kiana and all they have to offer at: Kiana Lodge .

Brown Family Homestead

Ready to head with me into the mountains? The Brown Family Homestead is an amazing country style venue located in Leavenworth, WA. Famous for it’s Bavarian town, Leavenworth allows you to turn your wedding celebration into a weekend long escape into the heart of the Cascade Mountain range. The Brown Family Homestead offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains, a cute cabin style house to get ready in and of course, Kevin, the sassy white horse who keeps guests entertained.

If you’re looking to make your wedding feel like a true-getaway not so far from home, I highly recommend The Brown Family Homestead so your guests can not only attend a stunning outdoor wedding but also have time to explore the other goodies in downtown Leavenworth…who doesn’t love a good brawt and beer? Be sure to check out all the things the Brown Family Homestead has to offer you over at:The Brown Family Homestead

I hope you enjoyed a quick tour through my favorite summer wedding venues here in the Greater Seattle Area, I would love to be your Seattle Wedding Photographer and photograph your incredible wedding day at any of these wedding venues! Feel free to drop me a line over here and we can get to chatting!