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Franklin Falls Engagement with Emily & Austin



“So, do you want to go to Franklin Falls with me? I’ll take photos!”

Emily and Austin are my closest friends and thankfully said yes when I proposed that question to them. We’ve all known each other for years, so when I decided to become a wedding photographer, I knew I could count on them to go out venturing with me for some portfolio images.

And, oh the adventures we had.

We climbed, we slipped, we hiked, we fell, we laughed…and nearly cried. It was quite a journey into Franklin Falls this season. The trail was covered in snow, mostly ice but as with most things in life, with good friends, you can get through anything. Thankfully the trail wasn’t completely empty as we hiked, it’s really nice to actually have other people just in case something goes wrong. It becomes a group effort to get through parts of the trail. 

Emily and Austin are near and dear to my heart, check out their love, it’s pretty incredible.

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