Dear Guest with a Camera

Hello there friend,

I’ve wanted to tell you this for a while and I’m glad we finally have the space to talk because this has been weighing on me for quite awhile.

It’s wedding season and here we are celebrating your loved one’s special day. You’re all dressed up, you’ve RSVP’d and you’re ready to go for the ceremony, camera in hand. You might be thinking “Oh I can’t wait to post this to the gram”, or “I’m going to get the best shot of her in her dress and she’ll LOVE ME for it”. But here’s the thing, I need you to hear this from my perspective; the outsider who’s been entrusted to capture your loved one’s memories for them, forever…put your camera (and phone) away.

You might not be aware friend, but I’ve been anticipating you all year. I think about how I will need to maneuver around you, creatively crop you or kindly ask you (as a complete stranger) to step aside and put your device away. This isn’t easy and I actually find it very awkward because I know you have the best intentions in mind.

The sad part of this situation, is that due to devices I’ve watched mother’s not see their daughters at the top of the aisle, I’ve had “First Kiss” shots nearly ruined with a sea of phones flooding the aisle, and I’ve been prevented from getting some beautiful images because you simply won’t put your phone down. And as you live this experience through your screen, you too, miss these moments.

When my couple’s hire me, they are investing not only in me  but are trusting me entirely to capture these most precious moments. Because of this trust, I will go above and beyond for my couple. This includes, reminding you to be present and to put your device away.

You see, I’m here also for you. I’m here to take the burden of getting “the shot” so that you and others around you can be fully present with the couple as they embark on this incredible journey of marriage. Let me take the weight of that from your shoulders and allow you to have the best experience of the night.

I want you to know that I want you to capture memories from the day’s wedding festivities, but there is a time and place for it (and that usually does not include when the father of the bride is walking his daughter down the aisle). The reception party is the PERFECT place for cell phone selfies and happy snaps galore. Trust me, the B&G will love these photos during this time since I cannot be everywhere at once.

So when we meet again, at the next wedding together and you’re ready to snag the perfect photo by leaning into the aisle, I challenge you to sit back and be present. As you sit in your seat, I will thank you, the lovely couple will thank you and you’ll thank yourself for receiving the gift of fully witnessing this special day.

With the warmest regards,

The Professional Photographer Your Loved One Hired