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If you follow along on Instagram, you’ll know that I was recently on a blissful vacation in Oahu! I was so excited to rest, relax and reconnect with my dear friend Holly who I grew up with in high school. We danced together on our high school dance team Chatelaines AND took photography together. Two of the biggest catapults in my young life, and Holly was there for both.

We met up with Holly and her husband Kalani (which by the way…they met via the dance team at their alma mater, University of Hawaii!). Being locals, they knew the best place to head to that would scream “tropical dream!”. After several downpours during the previous days, we completely lucked out with beautiful blue skies, a soft luscious sunset and of course warm clear waters.

There’s definitely an allure to island life. Things slow down, nothing is quite as urgent and you feel like you can inhale fully. Mornings aren’t rushed, afternoons always come with naps and margaritas continue to pour into the wee hours of the night. If you find yourself trying to decide where to go next with your days off, I highly recommend the islands of Hawaii. Even the rush hour traffic is pleasant.

Now, enjoy the photos! Aloha!

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