How to Easily Write Headlines with the Brilliant Headline Analyzer Studio by CoSchedule


You guys! I’m so excited to be sharing how to easily write headlines with the brilliant Headline Analyzer Studio by CoSchedule. Let me start by first commiserating about how awful it can be to try and write an eye-catching-viewing-grabbing headline when you didn’t go to school for journalism or feel like every option sounds like a cheesy car commercial. It sucks. For sure. 

I’ve been using CoSchedule Marketing calendar for a while, so when I started reading CoSchedule founder Garrett Moon and he mentioned their Headline Analyzer tool I was intrigued. *insert old dial-up sound as I log onto my computer*

Turns out they built this tool as a way to 10x grow their email list, and hot dang, it is an insanely easy-to-use and remarkable tool. I want to share my favorite pieces with their studio and show you why you need to RUN not walk to snag your own subscription. 


3 Amazing Tools within the Headline Analyzer Studio by CoSchedule

#1 Eliminates the Guesswork of Writing a Killer Headline

How many times have you tried to get a handle on your blogging schedule only to find yourself staring blankly at a blinking cursor that appears to be taunting you? Every time? Me, too,

What’s incredible about the Headline Analyzer Studio is that no matter how lame your first iteration of a headline is, they will break it down word by word to give you a Headline score AND an SEO score. 

The headline score looks like your word choice and sequencing to see how it stacks up against the competition. The same goes for the SEO score. With thousands (if not millions) of data points, the Headline Analyzer Studio is constantly showing you how different changes will improve your score. 


Score headlines 10x faster in Headline Studio's Scorecard


#2 Word types are Analyzed for Optimization (+Word Bank!)

My favorite part of the Headline score is that they analyze each word into categories like “Common Words”, “Uncommon Words”, “Emotional Words”, and “Power Words”. This helps you to visually see how CoSchedule is asking you to optimize your vocabulary choices. 

Not only do they break down the word type for you, but they also give your a WORD BANK! That’s right, each word type has a word bank for you to choose from. Think of it like an optimized thesaurus right at your fingertips. (Where was this in freshman year English class!?) 


#3 Easy WordPress Integration

You guys know I’m all about easy integration. CoSchedule knocks it out of the park once again with its easy WordPress Integration so as you’re writing your content, you are also able to use their tools all in one place. WOW! 

Just like the Marketing Calendar, the Headline Studio pops up in each WordPress blog entry:

Score your headlines directly in the WordPress posts you write.

Bonus points that CoSchedule also has an easy-to-use browser plugin, so even if you’re writing content on separate platforms, you can still utilize this tool!


Get the Headline Studio Browser Extension to write and analyze side-by-side.


The Wrap Up

My friends, when it comes to the Headline Analyzer Studio by CoSchedule, I could not be more blown away by its features. I’ll admit, I was pretty torn about letting people in on my new favorite secret weapon, but it’s just too good not to share. Plus, you know we aren’t into knowledge gatekeeping.

If this hasn’t been enough to convince you, I highly recommend you still head over to CoSchedule and use the FREE version of the tool for your next blog. I can almost guarantee you’ll be signing up for a subscription before you hit publish. 

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