How to Have Amazing Getting Ready Photos

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Oh Lord, it’s the week of your wedding and you feel like your head might explode! You ask yourself, “Do I have everything?”,

“What did my photographer say she needed from me”…well, my sweet friends, I’ve created this little download for you so you can dive deep

and be 100% on your game come the big day!

1. Have All Your Items Set Aside

Ever wonder how we photographers magically make everything look so styled and organized? It’s because we have specifically

requested certain items be set aside during the getting ready photos so we can do some happy snaps while you (our blushing bride) is

getting your final touches done for the day! These items range from your shoes, to your invitations to your jewelry.

Anything that is special to you and that you would love to have captured.



2. Keep it Clean

It’s also best to keep one corner of your getting ready suite CLEAN and free of bags and food and all those messy things.

(Pro Tip: Make sure this space is next to the window!)



3. Give Yourself Time

Everything on a wedding day will run late. Everything, including you. It’s best to give yourself an extra half hour to full

hour of wiggle room before your first look. You’ll want to be picture perfect and also give your photographer plenty of time to snag the details.


4. Have Your Flowers Delivered to Your Getting Ready Space

Flowers make for a beautiful addition to your details shots. You’ll also want them for all of your photos prior to the ceremony.

Be sure to have your florist deliver them to you where you’re getting ready instead of the venue itself because those just might be two different locations.


5. Have All Your People with You

Often times people have family and friends running around trying to help set everything up around the venue and they can sometimes

end up missing these special moments (like, Mom!). Check out my other article “Why You Need a Day Of Wedding Coordinator”.

Believe it or not, a team of designers can help ensure everyone you love is with you throughout the day and not running around!

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