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Have you ever wondered how to use your engagement photos? During my consultations, I’m often asked “Why should we do an engagement session” or I hear “We weren’t planning on doing an engagement session” or even “I don’t know what we would do with the photos” and man, oh man, am I here to tell you why you SHOULD do an engagement session
and what you can do with your photos afterward.

An engagement session is a great time for you and your photographer to get to know each other. It’s a time where you can work through knowing how to pose together and what style of photos you like. Are you more candid and laughy? Sexy and sultry? Now’s the time to figure it out! Plus, most couples have never been professionally photographed and it’s no fun being camera shy on the day of your wedding.

Here are a couple of different ways you can utilize the gorgeous images you create at your engagement session:

Save the Dates

Creating a personal Save the Date to send out to your guests is a fun way to mark their calendars for the big day!







Wedding Website

Help share your story and showcase the start of your wedding journey. Often times we haven’t seen all our friends and family in quite a while, so while they are RSVP-ing to your wedding, it’s great to have a fun place to update them on your love story!







Guest Book

Want something interactive that you can display on the day of your wedding? A great way to showcase these awesome photos is to have your

photographer create a guest book for you that your guests can sign in with. This gives you a beautiful way to keep all the well wishes and sweet words

your friends leave you on your wedding all in one place.





Bonus: Who doesn’t love a new profile pic ????

So here are some fun ways to display your images! If you have some other ideas, chime in below and let me know! Always looking to expand new creative horizons!


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