Katy & Jason

Discovery Park, Seattle

Friends! My heart is so warm about the fact that I get to share these images with you! These two have been such an incredible couple to work with!

You see, Katy has been my bridesmaid 3 times already, and by the time she walks down the aisle, we’ll round that up to 4! Basically, Katy is an

amazing friend to all these incredible women so needless to say I’ve been DYING to have her as my BRIDE! (like, crossing fingers,

hoping she likes me and that I would have the honor of photographing her….not weird, or stalker-ish, right?!)


WELL! It turns out I do have the honor (AHH!) and will now shower you with their engagement shoot photos.

Kooper the corgi may have stolen the show…and totally bolted around Discovery Park, but don’t worry…Jason saved the day (and it’s captured!).

Enjoy, my sweet friends! I literally cannot wait for their wedding next winter!