Kori & Alex

Kori & Alex

Discovery Park

Happy Monday, friends!

Well, I’m back from Oahu and still adjusting to weather here in Seattle. I went from a beautiful, warm 78 degrees at our beach house to a whopping 27 degrees when I stepped off the plane! HOLY COW! Needless to say I’m snuggled in heavy sweats and a sweatshirt while I write to you today.

I’m over the moon to showcase this engagement shoot for you guys! Kori & Alex are getting married next October (the day before my anniversary!) and we kicked things off with their engagement at Discovery Park. After a few reschedules due to our typical Seattle weather, we finally landed a sunny day, and it was well worth the wait. I think I might extra love this couple because we share the same level of devotion to our fur babies…we’re cat people, you see. I don’t think any other couple has let me gush about my kittens more, and I feel less like a crazy cat lady.

So, check out our awesome shoot, I know you’re gonna love it!

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