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Have you ever looked outside your window on a horribly storming day and said to yourself “Yeah, definitely not going out in this weather!”. Welp, that’s exactly what I would have said to myself if I didn’t have Monica & Phil’s engagement shoot in Deception Pass scheduled for this particular day…one of the stormiest days of 2017 in Washington state.

I kid you not when I tell you that I was driving through torrential downpours on my way from south Seattle to Oak Harbor. In my mind, contemplating how we could possibly pull this off…umbrellas? Garbage bag over my camera? I was sweatin’ bullets, people. Rescheduling? Typically this is totally an option, but not when you have a groom who is in the Navy and set to deploy!

Then there was a miracle when I arrived to Deception Pass in Oak Harbor…it was actually dry! Stormy clouds loomed and threatened to unleash a photographer’s worse nightmare, but thankfully we were in this tiny pocket of dry air for the hour we needed. I could not be more over the moon about how romantic and completely Pacific Northwest this engagement shoot turned out. Enjoy!


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