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With all the craziness that comes with planning a wedding, things can get out of hand fast and before you know it, you have a million and one things to try and keep track of. But, the good news is that in this age of technology that we live in, there are plenty of resources and apps to help assist you with planning your wedding day. Here are a list of some of my favorite wedding planning apps!


01. The Knot Wedding Planner App

Chances are you have heard of The Knot. Now what you may not have known is that they offer a wedding planning app that includes a style quiz, connects you with local vendors and keeps your registry all in one place. Not to mention, they also create a wedding day timeline that serves as a minute-by-minute schedule for you! It is a lifesaver!


02. Pinterest

Pro tip: never underestimate the power of Pinterest. This app is FULL of inspiration, ideas and tips for every aspect of your wedding day. Find inspiration on hair and make-up, dresses, venues, color schemes and so much more! Follow me while you’re there! Click here to check out my profile! (;


03. The Guest

During your wedding day, you may have a ton of family and friends there documenting the day alongside your photographer and videographer by taking photos and videos. While you wait to get back all of the photos and videos from your vendors of your special day, enjoy the ones your guests took! This app is a photo-sharing wedding app that will automatically aggregate everyone’s pictures and videos into a curated album in real time!


04. Mint

This app is good for not only wedding planning but for your everyday life. It is an amazing tool for budgeting and keeping track of every wedding expense down to the penny. After all, those little things do add up!


05. Evernote

With the monumental amount of aspects that come along with planning a wedding, chances are you are writing down ideas and notes all day long. The app Evernote allows for a space in your phone to keep everything all in one place whether it be text, scribble, photo, video, URL or PDF—Evernote will log it all for you. You can also transfer it across your other devices so you have everything with you wherever you go!


06. Etsy

Not only is this a useful wedding planning app but it’s also a good way to support small shops, stores, and business owners. If you want something that has a little more of that handmade feel and is something you won’t be able to find in stores, Etsy is the place to be!


07. Snap Guide

Perfect for any DIY lovers- the snap guide gives how-tos and tutorials to almost any wedding-related project you can imagine. It helps to make the process of DIY that much easier!


08. Calm

Chances are at some point or another no matter how simple the wedding nor how calm of a person you are- you’ll probably get stressed at some point. Not to be a downer- just a friend giving you the truth!(; The app “Calm” not only teaches you how to meditate but it also offers you breathing exercises, sleeps stories (relaxing stories about nature), and peaceful sounds to help keep you from a mental breakdown.


09. Minted

We all want to plan a wedding that is A) our dream wedding and B) won’t break the bank. Minted is a one-stop-shop for your wedding invitation suite and beyond. You can find just what you’re looking for when it comes to wedding invitations, save-the-dates, party invitations, table numbers, escort cards, and more. You can also get free samples of any design, free guest addressing, and unique designs by independent artists for a personalized touch.


10. The Knot

Just like Minted, this is not an app, but rather a website- both of which were too good to disclude in this list. The Knot includes a registry, wedding website, checklist, budgeter, guest list manager, timeline creator, vendor marketplace, and much more). So, basically everything you need all in one!


Downtown Seattle Wedding Photographer Covers best Wedding Planning Apps


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