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If you’ve ever seen me at a wedding, or any project I’m tackling, there are always a set of goals that are driving me forward. When it comes to photographing a wedding and producing killer images, there are some goals that I have while serving my clients that might surprise you.

1. To receive a hug from your family.

Lets be real, weddings are all about family. When I’m working with my B&Gs, I know that just over my shoulder is a teary mom, a proud dad and probably the cutest set of grandparents who are so happy to be here. I don’t just work for my B&G on the day of a wedding because I’m not only capturing their moments but the moments for their families. I want to work so hard to make sure your people feel taken care of that…yes, Mom or Dad gives me a hug for working my tail off to make it perfect.

2. To be asked for my business card.

It’s pretty obvious that weddings (and most small businesses) are word of mouth referral hot beds. When I planned my own wedding I know that I leaned heavily on my friends and their referrals for the people that would make my day great. I’m often working with an orchestra of vendors who are making magic behind the scenes while our B&G glide through their days. It’s really important to me and my business that I establish and maintain those relationships with incredible vendors who are team players that are wickedly good at their craft. From DJs, to florists to your Maid of Honor, I want them to want that shiny little card from me. (even better if it’s an engaged friend of yours!)

3. To be asked to stay for drinks (& dancing!)

There is nothing better than having jived with your couple (and their people!) so well that when my time is up for the evening, they ask me to just hang out! It’s literally the biggest compliment and I love that my people find me cool enough to actually want to hang out. Better yet, when my brides just want to grab coffee because we are now actually friends (I should buy stock in Starbucks at this point…).

And there you have it! My 3, not so obvious goals for when I work it on your wedding day. Did anything surprise you? Comment below and let me know if you’re a vendor and have other goals….or if you’re totally going to invite me for coffee ????

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