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Finding the perfect makeup artist for your day is a must because lets be honest, we all want to be looking spiffy on our wedding day! We want to have the perfect dress (or suit), have our hair fully done, maybe even a tan and of course make-up! Finding the perfect makeup artist can be a make or break when it comes to feeling fully confident on your big day! So, I thought today I would share all of the best questions to ask your makeup artist prior to hiring them. This is one of a series of questions to ask vendors so if this is helpful to you, be sure to head to the blog library after this post to read more about other vendors!


Questions to Ask Your Makeup Artist

1. Do you specialize in wedding hair//makeup?

Makeup and wedding makeup are two very different things. You may not want a glittery smoked-out eye for your wedding day. So, ensuring they can do timeless, classic, and simple wedding makeup is important. It’s also great to ask this question to make sure they have experience with bridal hair and makeup as it is a skill.


2. Is a trial included in my fee?

Unlike photographers and florists, just seeing their work for others isn’t enough. Everyone’s face is different and chances are you’ll likely be picky about how your makeup comes out. For this reason, doing a trial is a must so you can make sure you like how their application looks on you. Not everyone includes the trial in their fee so it’s important to budget for that!


3. Do you have a travel fee?

Whether your venue takes a long car ride or a short plane ride to get to, this is a great question to ask. Chances are, if it’s far, there will likely be a travel fee included.


4. Do you have team members for if I have a large bridal party?

If you have a huge group of gal pals, one person may not be enough! To make your day as efficient as possible, see if they offer a team to help out the day of. If they don’t, it may be wise to look somewhere else.


5. How long should we plan for each person?

A great question to ask to make sure everything remains on your predetermined timeline. It may take longer than you think, so planning ahead carefully is important to do for this.


6. How long will you be staying on the day of?

Asking how long they will be there is a good way to ensure you have enough time with them. You may want them there a little longer in the event of touch-ups.


7. What brands of makeup do you use?

Next up, if you have allergies to anything or want to use all cruelty-free products, this is important to ask. If you’re a makeup lover and want to use certain products because they work for your skin better, that’s another important thing to note.


8. What should I do to prepare my skin and hair for my wedding day?

When it comes to all things weddings, being prepared is key! It’s a hectic day for everyone (especially you) and so you’ll want to have your ducks in a row prior. Check with them to see what products you need to have the day of to properly prepare your skin.


9. What if I don’t like my trial makeup//hair?

It happens, which is what the trial is for. If you wind up not liking your hair or makeup for the trial, make sure you aren’t locked in and can find someone else.


10. Will my fake tan interfere with my makeup?

Lastly, another great way to avoid a big mishap. Check with them on this for ann extra precaution so you can plan accordingly.


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