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Hello to all my gorgeous brides (& grooms!)

We are continuing our series with real advice from real brides. These ladies have seen it all and they are ready to bear their souls and tell you the things they wished they had know before, during and after planning their weddings. 

Today we are chatting with Amanda who traveled all the way from the midwest to Seattle for her wedding with Anthony so they could be closer to family. Here’s what she had to say when it came to planning her wedding day, setting expectations and what her favorite memory was!

Me: Amanda, what are three tips or pieces of advice you would give to future brides?


1. Relax. Know that you aren’t in this alone and that there are countless other individuals there to support you in planning and executing your special day! You don’t need to do this all alone, unless you want to of course.

2. Remember, this is YOUR day. Family members and friends may have their plans, ideas, and input but ultimately what matters the most is what you and your significant other want.

3. Rather than fixating on the big picture, I found it more helpful to prioritize things one step at a time. The first things we figured out were venue, photographer, and caterer and then started working on the smaller details.

Me: What’s the one thing you wish you had known while planning your wedding? Or for the day of?

Amanda: I wish I knew the day was going to fly by. There was so much going on and we were on a busy schedule so I really didn’t have time or energy to be stressed (which I guess was a blessing!) In the whirl of things, I tried to focus on appreciating certain moments (the first look, things my grandma said) so that I would remember them as the day progressed.

Me: Whats one of your favorite memories from your wedding?

Amanda: Our first look was by far my favorite memory. It was such an intimate, special moment. I’m so glad we were able to share that together before being around the rest of our family and friends. It was very important to me to have something that was just about us.

Amanda was probably one of the coolest chicks I had this year! She was laid back with a wicked sense of humor and an ability to roll with the punches. It seems to be a theme so far that most brides are noticing how FAST the day goes by…all the more reason to hire an incredible Seattle Wedding Photographer to help capture and remember the day!!

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