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Hello to all my gorgeous brides (& grooms!)

We are continuing our series with real advice from real brides. These ladies have seen it all and they are ready to bear their souls and tell you the things they wished they had know before, during and after planning their weddings. 

Today we are chatting with Holly, the brilliantly talented designer who designed this very site you’re on! Holly and I met at the Seattle Creative Academy while I studied photography and she studied design. Fun fact, Holly designed my very first logo EVER! And I still turn to her for all things UX and digitally pretty. I’m so excited to for her to share her advice on all things wedding, she keeps it simple!

Me: Holly, what is the best advice you would give to future brides?


1. Don’t stress – you’ll get shingles. (she actually did!)

2. You will think you can handle more than you can – ask for more help than you think you need. Better to have a willing volunteer with nothing to do than to be missing out on important moments.
3. You don’t have to talk to every single person that attends your wedding. It’s your day – enjoy it and stop worrying about everyone else. 

Me: What’s the one thing you wish you had known while planning your wedding? Or for the day of?

Holly: I would have started the whole thing an hour earlier – it goes by soooo fast!

Me: Whats one of your favorite memories from your wedding?

Holly:watching Dave kill it on the sax with the band – meowwwwww.

Short, sweet and always to the point. Holly and Dave were some cool cats to work with this summer for their wedding at The Brown Family Homestead in Leavenworth, WA. Their full wedding story will hit the blog soon so stay tuned for more fun memories from their summer shin-dig. 

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