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Ruby Beach Engagement Session | Danielle and Kris



Where to even begin with this Ruby Beach Engagement Session!? Let’s start with the back story.

This is Danielle and Kris. They are pretty dang cute and pretty dang in love. Danielle and I grew up together in the same neighborhood, riding bikes and playing cops and robbers. We went to all of the same schools elementary through high school! Crazy! I’ve known this woman for the majority of my life. When Danielle and I reconnected after college, I was beyond honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding. We met in a local coffee shop and I got to hear all about this guy Kris she met at a baseball game with friends.

When it came to planning their Washington engagement session, I asked if they’d be up for an adventure. Of course, they were! We set out across the state to Ruby Beach over on the Olympic Pennisula. Ruby Beach is about a 3-hour drive from Seattle. A gorgeous 3-hour drive, mind you. The last coffee stop you have along the way is Aberdeen, WA..so be sure to pull over in that city before the last leg of the trip. Another good thing to note is that the Aberdeen McDonalds is open super late for when you’re headed home. Nothing tastes more delicious than some hot, salty fries after a long coastal shoot.

There are a few spots to hit along the coast when you’re headed out for a Ruby Beach engagement session. I can’t give them all away, but a quick Google Earth should help you. We started a little south and then headed up the coast for our main destination. Ruby Beach’s rock formations are stunning at sunset and with the tides changing throughout the year, you’ll always get a different look. If you’re willing to get a little wet, rock hopping is definitely worth it.

I absolutely loved how much these two adore each other. You can see their chemistry throughout their session. Playful, joyful, and loving. This session was FULL of laughter, jokes, and extra kisses. Kudos to Kris for getting in the ocean for Danielle! It was cold but totally worth it.

I’m so excited to share Danielle and Kris’ Ruby Beach engagement session with you! Even more excited about their wedding this July! STAY TUNED!

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