Backyard Family Session with the Frease Family

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Oh my, I cannot wait to share with you guys this backyard family session with the Frease family! It’s that time of year where Seattle starts to show off her beauty with lush flowers and mesmerizing greens sprawled across city yards and streets. This past year has really proven that these small and simple family sessions really are so important and impactful. I can honestly say, I still love the change of pace from big weddings to everything smaller, more intimate, and more meaningful.

This is my THIRD family session with the Frease family and it’s been amazing to grow with them. 2/3 sessions we’ve done in their backyard (thanks, COVID) and not gonna lie, it’s been magical. We got super lucky with this gorgeous little white blossoming tree. She was in the exact right spot for some gorgeous open shade with a little bit of golden glow behind them.

As always, little man Bennette stole the show. He is such a sweet boy with an easy-going attitude and a flair for giggles. Joining the party this year is little Ms. Lana. Funny story, Kira (mom) told me that the same night as their last session (also in the backyard), they found out little Lana was on the way. HOW CRAZY! So technically, she’s been in the last two family sessions 😉

Needless to say, I adore this family and am so honored to be along for the ride. Enjoy!

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