Should We Do a First Look?

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First looks. They’re a new, beautiful trend in weddings these days where the Bride & Groom set up a private time to see each other before the wedding nuptials begin. I have a lot of clients asking me, “Should we do a first look?” and the answer is YES!

I’ve been on both sides of the bridal coin when it comes to First Looks. I’ve had couple’s who have and couple’s who haven’t. I personally had one for my own wedding and was eternally grateful for that decision. As a photographer, I feel it is the best way to structure your wedding day so you get the MOST out of your photographic experience and time with loved ones.

Here are my top reasons for why you SHOULD do a first look:


1. A private, romantic moment between just the two of you is irreplaceable. This is a special time set up during your wedding day where you two can escape for a tiny moment together.

2. You get to interact! When you wait to see each other at the top of the aisle, you can’t kiss each other, hold each other and take a moment to breathe it in. But at a First Look, you can.



3. Now that you’ve seen each other, we are open to photographing all the other major pieces of the day prior to the ceremony (bridal party & family!)



4. You get to enjoy your cocktail hour with guests! No running away for 1-2 hours taking photos while your guests wait around for you, you get to join the party! (and when you’ve paid that much…you’ll want to be there for it..)

5. The photographs are the best. As a photographer, this is the time where I get to be the most creative and create those stunning portraits of the two of you without any distraction. It’s the part of the day that I most look forward to as an artist and fellow romantic.


Still have more timeline questions? How does this all fit together? Pop down and send me an inquiry and let’s get started on your timeline together.

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