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Suncadia Elopement | Ashley & Cooper



When Ashley and Cooper decided to have their Suncadia Elopement due to the circumstances of 2020, I as ALL IN! 2020 was an insane year for all hopeful newlyweds. From cancelling weddings to reschedules to downsizing, I’d seen it all. What I loved most about Ashley and Cooper’s decision was that they knew what they wanted and they wanted to do it as safely as possible. With only their closest family and friends, they rented one of the cabins at Suncadia for their celebration. These “cabins” are more like mini-mansions and were able to comfortably fit all their guests.

The wedding was full of small but important details. Ashley’s dad had recently passed away and she made a beautiful ornament for her bouquet with their picture in it. Lisa, Ashley’s mom, walked her down the aisle, and Andy, Cooper’s dad, paid tribute to his memory in his officiant speech. In true Washington style, the rain made her appearance during the ceremony. Clearly not deterred, Ashley and Cooper stood happily in the rain to recite their vows, exchange rings and seal the deal. Plenty of inside jokes and playful digs filled their vows, making it lighthearted and entertaining. Concluding the ceremony, it was all hands on deck to bring the reception into the cabin’s garage. Friends moved chairs, maneuvered tables, and all the while keeping spirits up.

Ashley and Cooper’s wedding is extra special for another reason. Ashley and I danced together all throughout high school and I knew many of her guests. It was such a treat to see so many familiar faces after so long. Catching up, reminiscing and enjoying the banter of old friends. All weddings hold a special place in my heart but it’s extra special to feel a connection to my couple’s communities. I’ve seen the friendships they’ve had, and understand their importance first hand.

Ashley and Cooper will be hosting a larger celebration this next year for more family and friends, but till then, I hope you enjoy this Suncadia elopement. It’s a good one.

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