The First 4 Vendors to Book for Your Wedding

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When planning your wedding, it can be overwhelming about who to call first, what information you need and how to work in the easiest order. Here are my suggestions for which first four vendors you should contact for your dream wedding day.


Booking your venue first will give you the most important thing, A DATE! When contacting your other vendors, it’s important to have this information as you will not be able to sign a contract until you have a venue and a date. Venue choice will also indicate all the other vendors you may or may not need. Perhaps your venue will have in-house catering or coordination? These details will help you establish what vendor team you’ll need to make your wedding happen!


The second fastest vendor to book out is the photographer and videographer. Once you have your venue and date locked down, I strongly advise you start deep diving into your coverage research. Are you have a large wedding, 150+ guests? Are you having a small intimate elopement with your closest loved ones? These questions will help guide you in what day-of coverage you’ll need from your photo//video team!


People need to eat! Whether its just desserts, appetizers or the full plated dinner, it’s important to snag your favorite food asap for your wedding day! There are lots of fun alternatives for weddings now from wood fired pizzas to food trucks, you can truly customize your food experience for yourself and your guests.


This person, will be YOUR person. Having a day-of coordinator or wedding designer will save your an invaluable amount of stress and time when it comes to making your wedding day dreams come true. Finding a coordinator with experience, knowledge and know-how for all the variables of a wedding day will be a key to ensuring your day runs smoothly and avoids any unnecessary bumps. I have a whole other blog post specifically about Day-Of Coordinators and why you need one! 
I’ve spent many hours on site with some incredible vendor teams. I’ve put a list together of my FAVORITE people to work with and I think you’ll like them too. Check them out over here and be sure to tell them Sarah sent you ???? ….that totally sounded like a senior retirement living commercial. You know what I mean, ha!

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