Things to Consider Including in Your Wedding Ceremony


Making your wedding day your wedding day has to be one of the aspects of wedding planning that is the most fun. When it comes to your wedding ceremony, it may seem pretty cut and dry as to how it will go down, but trust me, there are plenty of  things you can include.

All of these aspects I’ll cover in this post that you can add to your wedding day will help you to hopefully make your day feel more “you” and special. Are ya ready?


01. include your pet

If you are a pet lover- then this one is a no brainer. Have your pet tag along and join you somewhere in the ceremony whether their off to the side while your say your I do’s or hanging out with a guest trusted to manage them. Pets are like family and so including them on one of the biggest days of your life is always sweet to do!

02. vows

Include some vows during the ceremony. These are not only a great touch but they are also tear jerkers for everyone.

03. have a friend as the officiant

Having a friend as the officiant can make the experience all the more special being that someone you love and are close to married you. Chances are, it’ll also mean a lot to your friend and be a memory that they cherish forever.

04. live wedding painting

Having a live wedding painting is definitely not necessary but it is a sweet touch and a great way to have something to hold onto forever to remind you of the day.

05. planting a tree

Another version of a unity ritual, planting a tree represents the marriage that you are nurturing and growing. Usually, each member of the couple will lift a shovel with dirt to plant a tree in a bucket.


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