Wedding Week Wisdom

It’s finally here! You’ve been planning, prepping, preparing, and perhaps crying a little…but you’ve made it. It’s the WEDDING WEEK! Ah! Feels a little like college finals week right?

With all the checklists and to-dos, I wanted to open up some space to give you a few items to think about. These aren’t meant to add anything more to your to-do list, but more remind you of all the goodness you’ve created and are about to experience.


I think this is the hardest one to remember. We are often wound so tightly during the week of our wedding that we forget to release that tension in our chests.

I want you to consciously, right now, as you’re reading it this blog post to inhale for a count of four….1, 2, 3, 4 and exhale for a count of four, 4, 3, 2, 1. Rinse and repeat 😉


I cannot emphasize this enough, drink your body weight in ounces of water! For example, 120lbs, 120oz of water. It will help flush out all those stress toxins our bodies produce, give much needed moisture to your skin and reduce any baggies around those pretty eyes.

Again, yes, your BODY WEIGHT in oz of water. Refrain from carbonation, alcohol and juices.


Your skin and your makeup artist will thank you. Wash your face at night and smother your face and neck with a light weight moisturizer. Stress shows itself in our skin, so take good care of her this week, she needs it.

Hold Your Boundaries.

This will be the week of last minute requests, questions and all other hair-pulling pet peeves. Make sure you hold your boundaries with family (and vendors!) when you feel they are asking too much of you. Turn your phone to do-not-disturb at night and better yet, have a friend be the “wedding contact” so they can handle those last minute items for you. Maids of Honor and Best Men are the go-tos for being the wall of sanity during the week.

Give Gratitude.

Remember to thank your people. Whether you feel it or not, I’m sure a lot of people have helped with all the craziness that is wedding planning. A simple thank you can go miles for those around you. Give gratitude where it’s due and know that you are loved in return.

This week is meant to be enjoyed, so find JOY in all the events to come. Will somethings slip through the cracks? Sure. Will something go wrong right when you don’t need it to? Perhaps. But the most important thing is you are getting MARRIED. Focus on what this celebration is really for and the rest will follow.

All my love,


Bridal Portraits at Balboa Park in San Diego by Sarah Anne Photo