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Wedding trends will look a lot different as we enter into 2022. After all of the turbulence that came hand in hand the past almost two years so much has changed. During the pandemic, many couples were forced to postpone, cancel or reinvent their wedding days. As we continue on with slowly pulling ourselves out of the lockdowns and restrictions we have molded life to fit this new normal. Many of the changes made during the peak of COVID turned out working for the better and have begun to trend in the wedding industry. So, let’s talk about it, here are the top 5 wedding trends I’m forecasting for 2022.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings have slowly been increasing in popularity and I’m all for it. Being a wedding photographer, having the natural light and nature surrounding is always a plus for photos! It’s perfect if you are working on a budget and want to cut back on decorations.


Dried Flowers

Dried flowers is another thing I’ve been noticing a lot of being incorporated throughout weddings. They bring a very delicate and vintage feel to the decorations. It adds a cool kind of texture and contrast in floral arrangements.


DIY Decorations

Another great trend that has been on the rise for those on a budget. DIY decorations are cost effective and can be so gosh darn cute. I love this trend too because it adds a bit more of customization to your wedding day making it all that much more unique.


Intimate Weddings

Another trend that I am also a big fan of and am certain it’s a direct correlation from COVID: intimate weddings. Whether it’s a full on elopement with a hand full of people or a micro wedding with less than 50 people this is another trend gaining a lot of traction.



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