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Using Polaroids And Disposable Cameras At Your Wedding

September 3, 2021

Photos whether they are taken by traditional, polaroid or disposable cameras are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. The day will come and go before you know it in a blur of laughter, joy and love. What you’re left with afterwards is fleeting memories, photos and videos. All of this is not only to look back on as memory fades but also to share with loved ones who could not attend or people who will come into your life later on like your kids.

Photos will determine how you one day perceive the day. Because of this, you probably already have a wedding photographer lined up (if not, you know where to find me(; ). But what about all of the in between moments and different perspectives? Even if you hire a photographer AND a second photographer to accompany them, there is no way they can capture every waking moment and all of the perspectives.


This is where your guests come in. Retro is back, baby! Disposable cameras and polaroid cameras are here to help you with capturing your big day. And all with minimal effort from you the day of. Have disposable cameras and polaroid’s on display for your guests to use as they wish. From this you can capture even more goodness of your day from all different perspectives. Here are a few ways you can incorporate them:


Use them for a guest book

If you’re wanting to save the reception from being a free for all or cut down on expenses, this is a sweet way to do so while still incorporating disposable cameras. Have a polaroid or disposable camera at a table in your reception space and as everyone walks in they can snap a photo of themselves and enter it into a guest book. This way you have a fun little book full of photos of the ones you love the most.


have them use them at their own will

The great thing about polaroid and disposable cameras is that everyone can use them- even your little flower girl. Have one (or both) types of cameras out and ready to grab- maybe even at every table- for guests to use to capture moments for you through out the night. Then have somewhere where they can leave them at the end of the night!


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