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Vantage Couple’s Session | Samantha & Devin



You guys, I’m so stoked to show you this Vantage couple session out in the desert with my dear friends Sam & Dev!! During the offseason, it’s super important for photographers to keep their creative wheels well greased by continuing to shoot. Lucky for me, I have several friends who will indulge me and go gallivanting off nearly any time the urge arises.

I reached out to Sammy (my lady soulmate since our young ballerina days) and asked if she’d be up for it. Of course, she was. Sam is my wanderlust friend. She never likes to be in one place for too long and will always find an excuse to embark on a new journey. Devin, her amazing husband, is the perfect match. He too loves to travel and it’s basically down for anything that could make for a good story. Trust me, that comes in handy. Often.

Even though it’s winter in Washington State, there are some places that don’t always have snow. Vantage is one of those places. This city has a desert landscape located at the end of the Snoqualmie Pass just over the Cascade mountains. It takes about 2 hours to drive there from the Seattle area. Not too shabby for a quick day trip.

Sam and Dev braved the 31-degree weather and let me work some magic. You’d never know from these images that they were quite literally freezing. We climbed some hillsides, ran across roads, and ate too many car snacks. What I love most about shooting with Sam and Dev is that we’ve been doing it for so long, it just feels like second nature. I think in total, about 10 years? Their chemistry is equal parts best friends and lovers. They can be giggly and fun, then swing into quiet intimacy. The more I shoot with couples, the more I learn about them, their body language, and ultimately how to capture it.

We have another shoot planned for Ruby Beach next month, because, why not! For now, I hope you enjoy this little trip out to the desert.

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