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Vantage Engagement Session | Cassidy & Levon

November 14, 2017

There are a few things I love about living in Washington state. One of those things are our variety of landscapes we have access to. Within a two hour drive in all directions you can get to just about any look//feel that you want to. Mountains…beach…desert…waterfalls. It’s pretty rad.

When Cassidy and Levon took a day off work to come shoot with me, I couldn’t let the rain storm from Monday put a damper on our shoot. Thanks to the online doppler maps, I saw that my dream location over in Vantage Washington was set to be gorgeous blue skies and a warmish 50 degrees. We loaded up and rolled out. Check out the amazing magic we made:


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Hello, there! I'm Sarah and I'm a wedding photographer who believes in giving a damn in both life & business. 

Skipping over the part where I picked up a camera, decided to be a photographer and my parents told me to get a 'real job', I truly found a love for storytelling once I got into weddings. Weddings are these multifaceted microcosms of stories and relationships that continue to keep me fascinated and excited about capturing them,