Why You Should Hire a Videographer For Your Wedding

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As you begin the process of wedding planning, one of the big parts is hiring vendors and figuring out which ones you need and which you can go without. The amount of vendors varies on the kind of wedding and the size of it all but with that being said, there are certainly a few vendors you won’t want to go without no matter the size. Hiring a videographer is one that should be in the “must-have” column of your vendor list. Here is why.

Wedding photography by Sarah Anne Photo covering hiring a videographer.

 Photos can’t capture everything.

Here is the truth of it all: as much as we photographers try to capture as much of your wedding day as possible, it’s just not feasible to capture every second of it. Hiring a videographer and having videos can capture small moments between photos that you may have otherwise missed. While I can capture you and your partner’s belly laughing, I can’t capture the joke that caused the laughter.


 Share the day with relatives.

This one is perfect for smaller weddings or elopements- or really any kind of wedding in which a loved one couldn’t make it. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime thing and so family members can become understandably sad if they missed it. Having it all on video and in photos allows them to get a glimpse of the day and feel like they were there even if not physically.


Capture moments like toasts and vows.

A huge part of your big day that photos can’t capture: speeches and vows. What if your best man, dad, or maid of honor gives a killer speech that has everyone in tears or laughing so hard it brings tears? Of course, we have the gift of memory but having it on camera to watch back in 5 to 10 years from now is an even bigger gift. Capturing loved ones that may not be around for much longer is another huge benefit as it will give you a cherished memory of them to watch back.


See moments you would’ve missed.

Like I said before, just like it is impossible for your photographer to capture everything, it is impossible for you to see everything. You may miss a heartwarming moment between your partner and a loved one while you are getting ready or fun moments that happened during the reception while you were dancing the night away. Video allows you to see moments and unlock new parts of the day you would’ve otherwise missed.


 Relive it over and over.

Your wedding day will fly by. It’s kind of like when you go on a fun vacation and before you know it, your heading to the airport wishing you could add one more day to your trip. You’ll want to have these moments to relive and nothing lets you relive the day quite like video does.


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