You Are a Badass at Making Money


Author Jen Sincero is a badass. No joke. Not only did she coin the term, but she always walks the talk. Jen was a forty-year-old living in a converted garage, broke. Using motivational comedy, Jen levels with you as someone who didn’t understand money to someone who has mastered it.

I honestly flew through this book just based on Jen’s writing style. She takes a loaded topic like money and makes it conversational..if not comical.

Why You Should Read “You are a Badass at Making Money”

Mastering your money mindset is like finally getting the key to the golden gates. Until you master your thoughts and your emotions around money, you will keep repelling and rejecting it. Money is simply an energy source that demands to be passed around and trust me, there is enough to go around.

Mastering your money mindset isn’t just about getting “woo woo” and saying aloud till the cows come home “I LOVE MONEY AND I WANT MORE OF IT”, it’s about mastering the tools of thought, how you chose your words around money, having gratitude towards it and making decisive actions in the pursuit of it. Jen covers all of this and literally a TON more in the book.

My 5 Key Takeaways from the Book

  1. Getting extremely specific with the universe on your financial goals is what actually gets you taking action in that direction.

  2. In order to see be changes, you have to MAKE big changes. Being open and ready for opportunities keeps the energy flowing towards your goals.

  3. Visualization is key when it comes to getting the mental picture of where you’re going, but you can’t stay in La La Land. You have to do the work and take action.

  4. Money is not the root of evil. It is merely a medium of exchange and an energy transfer.

  5. Finding your “why” behind making more money and getting rich will keep you motivated and humble in the pursuit of your well-deserved cash flow.

Bottom line, you need to read “You are a Badass at Making Money”. Period. If you want to snag your copy, feel free to click RIGHT HERE! It does go to my Amazon Affiliate store, so I make a tiny commission if you buy through me! Also, don’t forget to snag your copy of The Bucket Method, my simple finance tool that will revolutionize your finances.
You Are a Badass at Making Money

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