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When I first started as a photographer, I thought that everything would magically fall into place, I would prance through all my days of working for myself and make oogles of money without the stress of corporate America. Yeah, you see where this is going.

The main task of any job is problem solving day in and day out. When you're thinking of your dream job, I encourage you not to think about all the stuff you don't want to do but think about the types of problems you WOULD like to solve. What type of work would get you excited about the challenges that will inevitably come?

For me, being a photographer was the dream job. Now, being a solopreneur who continues to evolve and grow into being a better problem solver is the dream job, and I do it every day. 

Work will always be work, but if you find something you love, you'll enjoy being a problem solver.

dream jobs do exist 

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The Bucket Method is a quick and easy money management strategy to make sure all your hard-earned dollars are distributed properly within your life or business. The “buckets” are separate checking or savings accounts you have set up in your online banking portal that you've named to match the things you're saving for.

By using this technique, getting real with your numbers and setting obtainable goals, you'll be on the path to profitability in no time!

The Bucket Method

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This books is for anyone at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey who wants to be more profitable or be profitable from day 1. Mike Michalowicz turns the typical profit equation on it's head to make YOU more money.

Profit First

mike Michalowicz

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The best book I've read about the power of habits that lays out a specific road map of how to do it. James Clear helps to set goals of WHO you want to be through habits instead of WHAT you want to accomplish.

Atomic Habits

James Clear

Most stories are some rendition of "the hero's journey." Donald Miller teaches you how to bring the Hero's Journey into your business and make you the Yoda to your client (Luke Skywalker). Excellent read.

Building a StoryBrand

Donald miller

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