It’s finally here; the wedding day for two of your most cherished people. This day is bound to filled with a mix of emotions as you all gather to witness this next chapter begin. I’m beyond honored that I was chosen to witness and document this story for all of you. 

But do you know how important you are on this day? You were specifically chosen to be here to witness and celebrate this beautiful ceremony. I’m so glad you are here to be with them. I know it is all too common for us to shy away from the camera when it is pointed at us or to hide behind other guests fearing that we are interrupting a photograph. Please do not erase yourself from this chapter.

You do not need to run away every time you see my camera pointed in your direction. Often times I am pointing in the direction of a moment happening of which you may very well be a part of. This is how we remember you. This is how we remember what the day felt like, who was there and what mattered most. 

This beautiful celebration is not being hosted in hopes of only “instagram worthy” images. This celebration is to commemorate a lifetime of relationships, guidance, hardships, love and family that has brought these two very special people to this exact moment. You are a part of that story. 

If you see me wandering around, feel free to say hi. You are more than welcome to ask for extra photos or ask me questions. This is what I do best; literally it’s my job. 

My roles as your photographer is to document this story with honesty and artistry. To ensure that these first family heirlooms are here long after all of us are gone. 

Your role is to stay present and experience what is happening around you. Embrace the emotions that run through your mind and body as we move throughout the day together. Tears, laughter, hugs, all of it. This day is for all of you.

I cannot wait to watch how you love your people. Thank you for trusting me to photograph you and your loved ones. 

With love,

hello, loved ones

Sarah Anne