Mini-sessions are exactly what they sound like! A shortened version of a full length photo shoot. Time slots are approx. 15 minutes long and are just the right amount of time to capture some incredible images. 

Mini Sessions

Families, Couples, pets

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Every year we offer a day of mini sessions throughout the seasons. The time slots are exclusively sent to our Email List VIPs and often sell out in just a few hours! 

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Mini sessions are the best way to get some updated happy snaps without the stress of a full session!

The Experience

Full sessions are 60-90 minutes

Mini Sessions are strictly 20 minutes long

Please arrive promptly to the location 5-10 minutes before your session. Plan ahead with traffic so we don't lose any of your session time!

Come dressed and ready for your session and if you have kiddos, bring some snacks, water and some fun toys I can use to get them to smile! Blankets are also a great addition so we have something to sit or lay down on. 

Please, please, please, don't be late. We only have so much daylight and I want to get you the maximum amount of time taking photos! If you are more than 10 minutes late, we'll most likely need to reschedule your shoot, however, life happens to shoot me a text if you have a feeling you'll be late!

Ample sleep, snacks and happy attitude! Kids pick up what we're putting down. If you're excited, they'll get excited. I know we all dream about the "perfect family shot on the fireplace mantle" but families are RARELY actually like that. Let your kiddo(s) be themselves, interact with them lovingly and leave the rest up to me!

Prior to your session I will send you specifically where to meet me. This will include a map of the area and a key marker to look for.

Some frequently asked questions

How long is our session?

What time should we arrive?

What should we bring?

What if we're late?

How do you get kids to behave?

How do we find you?