My first piece of advice is to plan ahead! There's nothing worse that attempting a 9pm shopping trip to Target or Old Navy for last minute outfits. If you're ordering online (as we all do these days), be sure to give yourself EXTRA time for shipping...that way you save some $$ on having to rush the order.

Session Style Guide

I know! You're super excited for your photo session but you have NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR! AH! Fear not my friend, I've put together this little guide for you to help you navigate what to wear with ease and excitement.

Colors & Movement

Garments that Move

You might be doing some running, spinning or piggy-backing 

When it comes to killer photos, movement gives images dynamic characteristics. I often photograph my families doing things to bring out that natural interaction between each other. Having outfits that blow in the wind, move as you move, can give more life to an image. 

Translation? Flowy, loose fitting tops with fitted pants or long maxi style dresses with lots of extra fabric. 

How to Choose Colors

When choosing colors for your outfits, it's best to have softer, lighter tones and more muted shades. By avoiding ultra-bright, bold colors, it will help bring all the attention to your faces and let the eye focus on the way you interact with each other. My personal faves are light neutrals like heather gray, creams, navy, leather brown and white...I'm a "fall all year round" kind of gal. 

We most definitely want to avoid overly heavy patterns or neon bright colors as these will detract from being able to focus on your cute faces. 

Like I mentioned, if we're not talking about a downpour, we can definitely make your shoot incredible, even with a few sprinkles in the sky. We'll always make the best of it! Some of the best photos come from stormy days, so don't freak if the sunshine disappears from sight. 

Come Ready, Rain or Shine.

only bad witches melt...

This could be you....

When we start to get into the fall and winter seasons, it can get pretty chilly leading up to golden hour. Have some fun with dressing in layers (vests, scarves, sweaters, cardigans) so you can always take away if you get too warm.

Dress in Layers

You can always take away...

Here is the Pacific Northwest, we are known for having all four seasons. Those seasons can change on a dime and it's important to prepare for that possibility!

The week leading up to your family session, we'll be keeping a close eye on the weather. It's super important to be flexible in reschedulings (there is only so much rain a camera can handle). I come fully prepared with lots of experience shooting in all weather types AND some cute umbrellas in my car.

Keep an Eye on the Weather.

Somethings to consider

Dress for the season

Visual learner? Check out my Pinterest board.

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Full sessions are 60-90 minutes

Mini Sessions are strictly 20 minutes long

Please arrive promptly to the location 5-10 minutes before your session. Plan ahead with traffic so we don't lose any of your session time!

Come dressed and ready for your session and if you have kiddos, bring some snacks, water and some fun toys I can use to get them to smile! Blankets are also a great addition so we have something to sit or lay down on. 

Please, please, please, don't be late. We only have so much daylight and I want to get you the maximum amount of time taking photos! If you are more than 10 minutes late, we'll most likely need to reschedule your shoot, however, life happens to shoot me a text if you have a feeling you'll be late!

Ample sleep, snacks and happy attitude! Kids pick up what we're putting down. If you're excited, they'll get excited. I know we all dream about the "perfect family shot on the fireplace mantle" but families are RARELY actually like that. Let your kiddo(s) be themselves, interact with them lovingly and leave the rest up to me!

Prior to your session I will send you specifically where to meet me. This will include a map of the area and a key marker to look for.

Some frequently asked questions

How long is our session?

What time should we arrive?

What should we bring?

What if we're late?

How do you get kids to behave?

How do we find you?

What to do with your images!

What to do with your images!

Post them to the 'gram!

Use them for Holiday cards!

Print them for your home!

Make a family album!


there are so many fun possibilities!

Um, duh! Everyone likes to brag a little bit (#humblebrag) about how cute they are! You guys took the time to get all dolled up, you might as well show the world!

It's so much fun to send out updated pictures of the family! If you order your Christmas or Holiday cards through, I have a coupon code for you!

PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! I cannot stress this enough! Which is why my clients get a fun print discount when their full galleries are delivered!

Isn't it so much fun to go to Grandma's house and flip through old photo albums? Well, it's time to make YOURS! Through your online gallery you can order beautiful, high quality heirloom albums that will last a lifetime. 

I know that this guide is long and hopefully it covers everything you need to know to prep for your session! However if there is something we missed, or you need a recommendation feel free to email:

thank you!