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Seattle Wedding Venues

a curated list of venues from a Seattle wedding photographer

Having been a Seattle wedding photographer for the last 7 years, I've seen quite a few venues! I've put together this curated list of my all-time-favorite Seattle Wedding Venues for you to check out while you're deep diving into planning your wedding.

Each tile will take you directly to the blog post showcasing a wedding from that venue. You'll get a sneak peek at the best photos spots for your Seattle Wedding and decide if it's the perfect venue for you!

Is your venue not on this list? Fear not! Wherever you pick to host your Seattle Wedding, I'll be stoked to be there and capture to the best of my ability (I got you, babe). 

Dive in, enjoy the ride and of course, reach out if you have any questions!


The Rainier Club

hotel 1000


the 101

seattle wedding venues

The best wedding venues in the heart of seattle

Seattle Wedding Venues


Seattle Wedding Photographer

Somethings to consider during your planning process:

advice for your seattle wedding from a 

When you get engaged, one of the first conversations you'll have is about wedding budget. When planning for your Seattle Wedding venue certain budgets will afford you certain venues, but not all venue packages are created equal. It's exceptionally important to consider what rentals are included in your package price. Do you get chairs? Lounge areas? Tables + linens? If you have to a-la-carte these rentals else where, make sure you account for them in your budget. 

Preferred Vendors

Some venues have a preferred vendors list that can mandatory or optional. It's important to review the vendors policy of your venue as it could severely impact the vendor team you'll have for your venue. I don't want to scare you because most venues have incredible vendors lists, it's just something to be aware of so you're in control!

Guest Capacity

Checking the capacity limits to your Seattle Wedding Venue is pretty straight forward. If you want a 300+ wedding, you'll need a very large space. If you want a small intimate 30 person wedding, you'll want a space that feels cozy and suites that size. 

STYLE & experience

When considering what you want your wedding to feel like, the aesthetic and style of your venue will either add or detract from your guest experience. If you're planning an ultra-modern wedding style, consider a high end hotel or city venue, or if you want a rustic-homey wedding consider a farm or wooded venue. 


As you select your package with your venue, ask how many hours you get the venue for and how that impacts the lighting on your wedding day. If you have a winter wedding but don't have access to your venue till after 4pm, you'll need to do all your photos offsite prior to the wedding so you can use daylight. Also, ask if you can add more hours onto your package (if you have the budget for it) so you have a more relaxed timeline schedule. 


These are probably the two most important things when it comes to guest experience; parking & potties. You want guests to have easy access to the venue without having to park far offsite. Also, nothing is more uncomfortable that not having enough restrooms for the quantity of guests you have, so consider the number of bathrooms ratio to guest me, you'll be glad you did.