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For as long as I can remember, the rolling hills of Tuscany were a reality that only existed in paintings along walls in doctor’s offices. It was an otherworldly place where I imagined everyone carried a bottle of wine, had bread with every meal and basked in sunshine. Never could I have imagined being asked to fly halfway across the world to document a wedding in this magical place….but then it happened. Joanna and Joe flew me half way across the world for their destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy.

In a world of small worlds, Joanna found me through a friend. We met for coffee in a small Starbucks nearly 2 years before her wedding day! When she actually said yes (this is totally a mushy moment for photographers too…), I couldn’t believe it was real. But over the next two years, I got to know Joanna so much more through other creative endeavors together. Having this much time to get to know one another is really special and it made her wedding day that much easier.

Fast forward to June 25 and I’m boarding our flight to Rome with my husband. Soon we would be driving from Rome to Tuscany (OMG….never drive yourself in Italy…talking from experience), where the rolling hills of my doctor’s office paintings were unfolding as we wove our way through the hills. Jo & Joe picked the beautiful Borgo Petrognano as the backdrop to their wedding festivities. Family and friends swarmed the villa, shaking hands, giving hugs and enjoying the warm fuzzies that come from adventure and love. 

I could continue to pour out how dreamy the sunrises are, how warm the air is even in the mornings or how I still crave charcuterie and fresh tomatoes every day. Instead, I’ll let the images speak for themselves. 

Thank you, Joanna and Joe, for inviting me to your wedding day. There are few words to describe the weight of excitement and responsibility I had, but it was an adventure I’ll never forget, thank you. 

Swept off your feet yet? Well, head over to this next blog for another stunning destination wedding. And when you’re ready, contact me for your destination wedding photographer needs! Woohoo!

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