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Alrighty friends, we are all guilty of this. Late nights, up on our smart devices…perhaps with a glass of wine, ogling over someone else’s engagement and wedding photos. We ask ourselves “How do I get photos like THAT?!”. Well, it’s actually not as crazy, far fetched or out of reach as you might think. Here are my best tips for how to get amazing wedding and engagement photos, enjoy!

01. Hire an incredible photographer!

It just so happens you’re on my website…that’s always a good place to start looking! But in all actuality, you need a trained professional photographer that can not only get you interacting naturally but can also read the lighting situations to capture that perfect candid. Engagement sessions as well as wedding days are super unique and require a diverse set of people skills and photo skills.

Hiring someone who has experience in both can help yield an amazing experience. Nervous to be in front of the camera? Worried about making sure every moment is captured? Professional photographers know how to navigate all those tricky areas, what to look for on a wedding day and how to keep you cool, calm and collected whenever in front of the camera.

02. Location, location, location.

When it comes to engagement sessions, epic PNW landscapes in your backyard…unless you live on a mountain. It’s always good to do a little bit of extra stalking online and find where you’d like you photos to be. However, if you have a little spot, perhaps a coffee shop, your actual backyard or even in your home, that is special to you; GO THERE! Photographers often have a list of go-to places and even a wish list for those extra adventurous couples, but nothing will compare to a space that makes you feel comfortable and is important to you both.

Downtown Seattle wedding by Sarah Anne Photography

03. The darling is in the details.

Did your boo buy you a sweet little set of earrings one Christmas? Do you feel like a million bucks in your leather jacket? Well, then HAVE AT IT! Including small details that mean the most to YOU will add so much to your imagery. Think about what makes you feel most comfortable with a hint of badassery 😉 Whether it’s the details of your engagement session or for the wedding day, bring in those extra special items that will make your experience feel like yours.

Engagement photos at Discovery Park in Seattle by Sarah Anne Photography

04. Talk to your photographer about your big dreams!

Always wanted to have the most romantic photos in your favorite coffee shop? Or, perhaps hike up to the top of a mountain ridge for sunset? Big dreams can become big possibilities if you bring them up to your photographer. We can help with navigating your plans, how to accomplish them realistically and safely, while also adding to your dreams with our skillset and knowledge base. I LOVE IT when my couples come to me with an idea and we can collaborate together to make some magic.

Rosario Resort Summer Wedding on Orcas Island by Sarah Anne Photography

05. Relax & Enjoy.

Ultimately, it is up to your photographer to do the heavy lifting. Let us help guide you into a zone that allows you to be yourself, do what comes natural and create gorgeous memories. Those Pinterest images you are drooling over were created by happy people naturally interacting together…it just happened to be caught on film. Trust me, you don’t want to experience an engagement session or a wedding day glued to a shot-list that may or may not happen. Take the inspiration and be your own Pinterest, I’m always here and happy to help.


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