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When it comes to booking vendors for your wedding day, the wedding venue is arguably THE most important. Don’t you agree? I mean, it is where all of the magic is going to happen and will set the scene for the entire day. The venue dictates so much from decorations to your timeline and even to how you envision your dress to look. Picking the perfect one is a pretty big decision if you ask me. As a wedding photographer who has shot at so many venues, I couldn’t even put a number to it, I know this first hand.


Just like with all other wedding vendors, when it comes to finding the perfect one, it’s important to ask the right questions. Asking certain questions will help a lot to ensure it’s the right one for you and your partner. So, let’s skip the chatting and get right to it, shall we? Here are the top 10 questions you should ask your wedding venue prior to booking them.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

1. What is your guest capacity?

First of all, asking what their guest capacity looks like is important to ensure they can accommodate your guest list. If you are having a larger wedding it is a good idea to make sure you find a venue that can fit a good amount of people.


2. How many hours are included in the rental fee? Can we add on?

Ask how many hours are in the rental fee so you can factor into your budget extra costs if you need to add on hours. If you want a longer wedding day to make the most of it, you may end up needing to add on hours.


3. What rentals are included in the rental fee? (Chairs//tables etc)?

Another great way to factor things into the budget: ask about rentals! If chairs and tables are included, that’s a big bonus! If they’re not, make sure the price still makes sense.


4. Do you offer a day-of coordinator?

Day of coordinators can be a heaven-sent to anyone and so finding out if your venue offers one is a huge thing. They help to assist you with booking vendors and make sure the day runs smoothly for you. Such a must!


5. Do I have to use your preferred vendors?

Some venues have a preferred vendor list and sometimes they want you to stick to that list. So, if you had a particular photographer in mind that isn’t on that list, for example, it may be a deal-breaker.


6. What time can vendors arrive for setup?

Next, some of your vendors may need to arrive relatively early to set up for the day and get everything going. Make sure they are allowed to arrive at a reasonable and early time.


7. What is the parking situation?

Asking about the parking situation is important so you can plan ahead in case they have a peculiar parking situation. It’s also great so you can mentally plan ahead and let your guests know where to go!


8. What are your weather policies?

Rain happens and the weather can be unpredictable. Whether you need a covered area if it rains or to reschedule due to a natural disaster, it’s great to ask what their policy is no matter the situation.


9. Can we host all events on-site? (ceremony, cocktail hour & reception)?

If you are wanting your venue to be the location for your entire day, you’ll want to make sure they allow it. Some venues only allow for the ceremony portion and so it’s always good to check.


10. Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

If you have family members that are in a wheelchair, this is an important question to ask. This way you can ensure the venue won’t be an obstacle to them.


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