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Hello to all my gorgeous brides (& grooms!)

I wanted to share with you some of the best bridal advice I could ever give you…because it’s coming straight from some of my very own favorite brides. These ladies have seen it all and they are ready to bear their souls and tell you the things they wished they had know before, during and after planning their weddings.

Let’s start with Liz! Liz and I go way back to the days of high school dance team and I know she will have some of the best nuggets of advice for you!

Me: Liz, what are three tips or pieces of advice you would give to future brides?<


1. Remember that the day is about YOU and the one you love. No matter what happens, you’re marrying the human of your dreams. Opinions of family, requests from friends, and comments from the peanut gallery can ruin the day if taken too seriously. If someone is prickly that you didn’t invite their daughter’s best friend to your shindig, take it with a grain of salt and focus on the people who are there to support your lovely day!

2. EAT. Designate a friend or family member to make you sit down, separate you from the hugs and kisses of guests to take a few bites of the food you’ve been anticipating for months! I am still so sad that I didn’t take the time to get more than one bao from our food truck!

3. Have a backup plan (or a photographer who has one)! When the one rainy day in August happened on my wedding day, I was so thankful to have a photographer who knew how to play with the rain to get some incredibly romantic shots, AND who brought clear umbrellas! **Sarah you da bomb.

Me: What’s the one thing you wish you had known while planning your wedding? Or for the day of?

Liz: I wish I would have known how fast the whole day would go. When we got to our hotel the night of, it had gone by in such a flash, I am happy to have great photos so I can remember everything (or see things I didn’t get to see during the celebration)!

Me: Whats one of your favorite memories from your wedding?

Liz: Looking around to see how much love had gone into every little detail. My family pulled together to create this wedding with me and boy did they come through! Oh, and seeing my stud of a husband in that suit!

Liz’s wedding was by far one of my favorites from last season, not just because I have a deep affection for this power-house of  a woman but because of how it didn’t matter that it rained on her wedding day, she was there all the right reasons. Get married, enjoy family & friends and make some memories. Thank you so much Liz for sharing this advice! I’m so happy to have you as the first in this mini series!

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