Why You Need a Rain Plan for Your Wedding day

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I think it’s time we all had a little talk about why you need a rain plan on your wedding day…no matter what time of year. In the Pacific Northwest you NEVER KNOW what weather you’re going to get! I’ve had weddings in late August that look like deep fall and July weddings that are cool and rainy. 
A pro tip for when considering your wedding venue, ask them what their plans are for rain. Can you bring in a tent rental? How much will that be to add to your budget? Are you SOL if Mother Nature decides it’s time for some precipitation? Rain will affect a lot of things on your wedding day. From your photo schedule and where//how you can shoot, and all the way to if you need to change where your ceremony site is.
Specifically when it comes to your photography, even if you’re a gung-ho bride about shooting in the rain, professional camera equipment does have its limits when it comes to moisture. I work with all my couples to pick a few covered area options near or at their venue if the forecast is starting to look a little wet. Personally, I also pack 10 white umbrellas in my car to EVERY wedding, because you just never know.
It could be worse than you think. Sudden summer or winter storms are bound to happen. In 2019, Seattle had a Snowpocalypse that shut down over half the city. It’s important to think about transportation and if your venue can still operate in extreme weather. You can check out historical weather data for your wedding date to see if you run the extra risk. But the bottom line is, have a plan and hope you never have to use it 😉


1. Are you getting married in a wet time of year?
2. Does the venue include a rain option? (Alternate indoor location, covered tent area)
3. What will it cost to rent extra umbrellas or tents for guests?
4. Do you vendors have backup plans for severe weather?
5. Are you prepared to have your plans change? Both mentally and financially?
Rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, but we also know the phrase “Fortune favors the prepared”. Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, MAKE THE PLAN, and hope you never use it. 

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