Real Advice from Real Brides with Hayley!

Hello to all my gorgeous brides (& grooms!)

We are continuing our series with real advice from real brides. These ladies have seen it all and they are ready to bear their souls and tell you the things they wished they had know before, during and after planning their weddings. 

Today we are chatting with Hayley, the sweet and sassy girl who can steal anybody’s heart…but most importantly her husband Michael’s! Hayley has a divine sense of style, cherishing moments and making the most of whatever gets thrown at you. I’m so excited for her to share her thoughts on wedding planning, the wedding day and what she wished she would have known then!

Me: Hayley, what is the best advice or tips//tricks you would give to future brides?

1. Have trust in your planner/coordinator and make sure if the venue is offering a day of coordinator that you ask a lot of questions! Our venue was upfront and told us they have a coordinator, but that her job is more about the venue and employees and less about coordinating your bridal party, which is why we hired our own and are so grateful that we did!

2. A lot of people will have a lot of opinions about your big day. It can get overwhelming, but sometimes those weird ideas from someone spawn into a great new idea. I say hear them out, but remember at the end of the day it is all about what is best for your and your future spouse!

3. Stay organized! My mom and I tagged team to keep all of our thoughts and plans organized so we wouldn’t forget the little details that mean so much.

Me: What’s the one thing you wish you had known while planning your wedding? Or for the day of?

Hayley: I wish I had known that we could have bartered more with some vendors! I wish I had just asked more questions, because the worst someone can say is no, but you don’t know until you try! And now I know friends would have gotten better deals or some free add on’s just for asking!

Me: Whats one of your favorite memories from your wedding?

Hayley: Those few minutes before walking down the aisle as a bride were surreal. As the bridal party was lining up, I had one final moment with just my best friend to help calm my nerves before I met up with my dad and step-dad. Then standing with them and waiting for the doors to open to walk down to my soon-to-be husband was surreal and gives me butterflies just typing this!

(For fun – I asked Michael, and he said signing the marriage certificate! He said the whole day was such a whirlwind and the moment where we actually sealed the deal made if feel so real and made him be in the moment!)

Oh Hayley, you are incredible. Hayley was one of the core members of friends where I had the honor of photographing them all! I’ll never forget this day or how amazing Michael and Hayley were and ARE together.