3 Reasons CoSchedule Marketing Calendar Will Skyrocket Your SEO Capability


Marketing. A noun, a verb, an all-encompassing word that can have you staring blankly at a wall…or an open Google Doc. 

There are some weeks in my business where I feel like I have my marketing down to a science. I know what I’m posting, why I’m posting when I’m posting, and how to make the most out of said posts. Other days, it feels like day one at a new internship where the rules are made up, and the points don’t matter. 

When I first started my business, the internet was just starting to come out with these “all-in-one” platforms for mainstream small business owners. There were (and are) so many to choose from and I will proudly say I hunted through the free trials of most. There was definitely one that stood out and is the reason for this whole blog post you’re about to devour; CoSchedule. 

CoSchedule is a marketing platform with a few unique features that I find too good to give up and at a price point that fits perfectly within my small business budget. Let’s dive in, specifically to the CoSchedule Marketing Calendar. 


3 Reasons CoSchedule Calendar Changes the SEO Game

#1 – Easy Integration with my WordPress Website

As most of you might already know, I use Showit for my web design. Showit is a WordPress-based website, meaning I write my blogs inside WordPress and design the pretty stuff inside Showit. When it comes to creating a powerful blog, WordPress is THE platform to be on. My CoSchedule app easily integrates straight into the backend of WP, allowing me to build social campaigns around the blog post, ensuring that it hits all my platforms at the optimal times. 

Below is a screenshot of how a blog looks in the CoSchedule WP plugin. Super slick, right? When I blog my couple’s images, I can even put in custom dates for a future duplicate post either on their wedding day or their anniversary…or both! *chef’s kiss*

This increases my SEO capabilities by having content prescheduled and ready to roll out consistently throughout the year. If there is anything we know about SEO, it’s that it requires consistency….and a whole lot of nerding out.

#2 ReQueue Your Content for Engagement

During heavy wedding season, it can be impossible to keep up with my blogging schedule. Trying to continuously write new content with all the bells and whistles, even with a VA, can be daunting. Using CoSchedule’s incredible ReQueue feature, I can set my evergreen content on a simple reposting schedule. This allows me to reuse my best content for continuous engagement AND take a break during the high season if necessary. Like whatttt? Amazing. 


#3 Built-in Analytics for Each Platform

Where would we be without analytics? Floating in space questioning our reality and the quality of our work, that’s where. 

CoSchedule gives us analytics for each platform we post on so we can see what content does best where. I still abide by the notion that you don’t need to be on EVERY platform to succeed in business, but whichever you choose, you should do them well. 

I can see which posts do the best, when is the best time to post, and the best TYPE of post to send. This mixed with a few other secret tools (I’ll share later), allows me to tailor my content to my audience. 

The Wrap-Up

There you have it!  Those are the 3 reasons why CoSchedule Marketing Calendar will skyrocket your SEO capabilities. It’s easy, intuitive, it integrates, it gives feedback, and it SAVES TIME! I know we’re all hunting for those extra minutes in our calendars, and I’m so thankful to have CoSchedule in my back pocket. Did I mention they have a Youtube channel to help you get set up?

If you’re tempted to see if this tool could work for you, head over to CoSchedule’s site and try them! Next week I’ll be writing all about their Headline Analyzer Tool!

pssst….if you love done-for-you automation, check out How I use other automation in my business!!

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